Existing Brand Campaign Concept Ideas
MTV Fully Integrated Campaign
Tagline: I want my MTV...Back
People love throwbacks and nostalgia especially when it has to do with entertainment. This concept launches MTV reruns. They are scheduled to show for an entire month. This campaign is aimed at  millenials who may have strayed from watching the platform. 
Netflix Outdoor Campaign
Tagline: Binge on!
People tend to despise advertisements on their streaming platforms. Netflix is one of the only streaming platforms that does not have ads. This campaign idea emphasized that unique quality.
Reese's Social Media Campaign
Tagline: Hand me a Reese's Cup
The originality and traditionality of a Reese's peanut butter cup will always connect us all because “everyone” loves chocolate and peanut butter. The simple yet delightful piece of candy is the same in the mountains, as it is in the snow, as it is in the rain, as it is in everyone’s different hand. This campaign highlighted the worldly nature of Reese's. The key message is the Reeses is a trusted and delectable chocolate candy brand that connects us all.
Converse Guerilla Campaign
Tagline: Magnify your Style
Converse will always be known as a strong sturdy shoe that is also very stylish. People wear converse for years and years. Converse has many different styles and colors that cater to everyone's individuality.
This campaign would exist in a major city. The gigantic size of the shoe will allow the passerbyers to see the minute details that are often overlooked.
SHEIN Recycling Campaign
Tagline: Buy, Wear, Recycle
Shein is known for their wastefulness and major lack of concern for the environment. This campaign idea focused on the reuse of the clothes which people buy of a daily basis. After items are purchased and worn by the consumer, when they no longer want them they can donate them to Shein dropboxes around the city. Shein will either donate these clothes to centers for the less fortunate or resell the items that are in good condition. Production would be greatly reduced.
SkullCandy Print Ad
Tagline: Something for Everyone
This advertisement emphasizes the fact that everyone loves music with skullcandy headphones...even babies in their mother's belly. 
Moffitt Cancer Center
Tagline: YOU above all else.
At times the jargon of medical advertisements turn people away. The simplified and impactful language emphasized the human nature of the cancer center. 
Dove Print Campaign
Tagline: Art is whatever you want it to be, so is your beauty
Dove is a brand that often emphasizes the beauty in natural skin. This campaign took related that idea to art utilizing all types of natural skin in place the well-known paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus, and Starry night.

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