Hi there! I’m Marah but everyone knows me as MJ. Go ahead and reference my initials to Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, or Spider Man’s Mary Jane. 
My complex and free-spirited personality is quite clearly demonstrated in my photos. I’m a sucker for upcycling clothes, impromptu photo shoots, and moody poetry. My favorite color, green, is the color of so many things I own, from my car, to my phone case, to half my wardrobe. My friends and family know me as their “voice of reason”. I am the designated mediator when it comes to intense game nights and lengthy road trips.
My design abilities are no stranger to the mediator and free spirit in me. I tend to be flexible, instinctive, and understanding when empathizing with clients and users. It also helps that I am always adjusting the seemingly minute details. My capacity is forever growing when it comes to what I am able to discover and master with design
Fun Facts: 
- Bread and Butter Pickles are the only way to go 
- Listens to french pop, belgian r&b, and new age alternative r&b
- Wanted to be a cartoonist as a child
- Loves the outdoors 
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