Rituals Incense Set
Rituals Incense Set
Rituals Incense Set

Rituals Incense Set

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Rituals incense is sustainably sourced, all natural and handmade in small batches.  

The Rituals Incense Set is a beautiful offering containing a selection of our favourite incense, it is the perfect gift or self treat. It is the one we keep coming back to.

Beautifully packaged the Rituals Incense Set contains:

2 x Mexican Copal Cones (min 120 Min burn time)

- Used in cleansing rituals for clearing negative energies and making positive changes. It has a very uplifting, clear, woody scent.

10 x Himalayan Cedar Ropes (approx. 10 cm long)

- Cedar gives off a sweet, woody and fresh aroma and can be burned in dish or  hanging from a rope incense burner.

12 x Palo Santo Incense Sticks (approx. 10 cm) 

x pieces of Palo Santo Wood

- Palo Santo has a clean, woody smoke with sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon and is said to clear and ground energies, calm immune and nervous systems and enhance creativity.