Project Challenge: 
Create a new packaging design which alters the target audience for an existing product
Original Packaging / Target Audience: 
Original Packaging is ruined after opening. The original target audience is young children. 
Proposed Packaging / New Target Audience: 
New target audience is pet owners (more specifically those with dogs) who are in the process of training and do not want to spend money on expensive training products. The proposed packaging is more vibrant and fun. The packaging houses the product well and can be used multiple times unlike the original. There are extra products, a dog keychain, and a manual included in the final package. It is more comprehensive than the original and appeals to the new audience. The product is included on the outside of the packaging so that the consumer can test the product before buying. 
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign
Original Packaging Design
Process Images of Project 1
Final Packaging Dieline (Inside)
Final Packaging Dieline (Outside)
Package Manual included inside
Final Packaging Design
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