Hi there! I see you have made it to the end of my portfolio work. I want to talk about my passion for creating a bit. In all honesty I needed a filler page so my collection would be even, but that's beside the point. 
I have always been a curious individual. I love learning how to do new things especially when it comes to art and creation. When I set my mind on learning a skill, nothing can deter me. I allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them. People often say that I "know how to do everything". That's not an inherent quality in my case. I have taught myself the things I know. My patience, personal accountability, self reflection, drive and determination are the forces that push this idea that "I know how to do everything".
Edible arrangements was a favorite job of mine. It's only fruit, but it was something about the process for me. I loved going into work, reading the day's que, and the process of the build into a final product. That all applies to my love of design. It's much more general than that. I love to create; trying to use my mind in its full capacity. Rarely do I limit myself when it comes to brainstorming for whatever it may be. At times, I have to reel in the complex creativity. 
You made it to the end! Leave a message letting me know what you think of my work :))
Thank you!

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