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Homage to Jacksonville Street Art
Jacksonville, Florida is the city in which I have lived my entire life. About 8 years ago, murals and sculptures began to pop up around the city. Now they are everywhere you look. It seemed that no one ever talked about them even though they were literally everywhere. I wanted to bring light to this street art that is often overlooked. I emphasized the movement and complexities of the art through the movement of the human subjects. 
A stop motion project that tells the story of the origins of my creativity and passion for art.
Inspired by the works of James Turrell - https://jamesturrell.com/work/type/
I wanted to incorporate the bright lights which James uses to highlight a sense of vulnerability and energy. 
Introduction to INSPO
Inspo is a concept which I developed long ago to illustrate the inexplicable nature and passion of creating. It makes one transcend their current state and sink into this other world life.  The self-portrait collage was created in Photoshop. I would like to develop Inspo into a Publication.
Tampa, FL Night Drive
Inspired by the works of J Utah - https://www.youtube.com/@jutah
I am a sucker for night drives.I have recently been filming from my car as J Utah does in his many videos. I love when the city runs slower. I wanted to capture the energy one feels on a night drive, while showcasing the beautiful city of Tampa, FL.
Atlanta, GA Botanical Gardens​​​​​​​
My favorite color is green so natural one of my favorite places to be is in nature. The Botanical Gardens of Atlanta was a perfect place to rejuvenate and immerse myself in nature. I wanted to capture the beauty of the experience.
Day Drive
I love days like this when the sky is so blue and the sun trickles in through the trees leaves and few cars are on the road. The calm and serene energy that existed on this drive is what I wanted to capture.
Sublime: Affection of the mind with a sense of overwhelming grandeur or irresistible power.
Freshman Year of High School I decided to quit playing sports because my heart was no longer in it. I felt very lost and didn't know what new passion I would take on. I found a place to sit and think by the water watching the city. This place became a safe haven and really proved to be the sublime for me. I discovered a few new passions while I pondered watching this view. I wanted to this illustrate this my journey in this short film. This is the first ever directed video that I created.

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